The Man Who Shocked The World: Cancer Can be Cured in 3 Minutes All You Need to Do is This!

by Shelby

We have all been affected by cancer in some way or another. We share information almost daily about how to cure it and the things that cause it but could the cure to cancer really be this simple?

According to Gregg Braden, an American author when it comes to cancer therapy our minds play a much bigger role than we would initially think. How we feel significantly affects our DNA. He suggests that through the power of collective thought we could have a positive effect in treating all sorts of diseases, not just cancer.

Right off the bat, you may think this sounds like a load of bullshit and I could see why. However, this theory does not push that you need to be religious in order to do this, a matter of face you do not have to be religious at all for this to work. Braden believes there is a field that unites everything. This field he is referring to is one that has been scientifically proven and explained in the science journal Nature No. 332 back in 1996.

Now many are still quite skeptical about this but the video below as you will see shows this theory in action. In the video, you can see plain as day cancer being eliminated in about three minutes or less. The whole process is demonstrated over an ultrasound screen and is quite interesting to watch.

Braden says this works because of the strong electromagnetic radiation being produced during the video. He says that if you want to be able to do this yourself you will need to learn to focus and enhance your effects. This is something he claims lots of practice can show you how to do. What do you think about this? Could positive thinking really be a cure or is this a load of bologna?

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