The Common Weakness That Causes Elderly People To Die Prematurely

by Shelby

We all want to live long and full lives, but  we can’t avoid aging. However, keeping your body in peak performance can definitely give you a better chance.

Aging is actually pretty scary; we avoid the thought that time never stops and we only have an allotted amount of time here, and when it’s up… well, it’s up. Father time doesn’t make any exceptions either. That’s why we need to make sure our bodies are performing at their peaks. But what parts of our bodies do we need to focus on to ensure that we live longer? You might jump to conclusions and assume that it would be a major system in the body such as the cardiovascular or immune system; but it isn’t. In fact, one of the biggest causes of health decline in old age is your lower body.

When you have a weak lower body, your legs start to give up. One of the most basic necessities for health is being able to eat and then move around to work off all the extra calories. Once you can’t move your entire body starts to decline and it begins a snowball effect of health issues. You always need to be active because we start to lose our muscle mass, which are ideally protein reserves. When we aren’t getting enough protein our muscles become weaker and weaker until there is no point of return.  

One of the biggest issues older people have is when they start to fall all the time. They lose muscle mass, they get weaker, their bones start to get brittle, and with each fall a larger chip falls away from their overall health. They continually take more damage each time they fall, sometimes resulting in bed riddance – and that’s basically the end. Point of the matter is, you have to keep your lower body healthy to keep going. As soon as you lose your activity your health will slowly start to decline.  

If you want to keep your lower body healthy you don’t have to go to the gym and workout fr hours on end everyday. All you have to do is go for a walk everyday. If you can manage to walk one to two miles a day, your entire health status will be revitalized.

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