The Cold Truth About Coconut Oil – 12 Facts You Need to Know!

by Shelby

Coconut oil is a necessity when it comes to what you should have in your home. It could be considered a superfood without a doubt.

The unique combinations of fatty acids in coconut oil have fantastic effects on the health of all they encounter. Coconut oil could be used for a range of things including improving brain function and losing weight. I would never go without coconut oil.

Here are the top 12 health benefits of coconut oil:

1. Coconut oil has powerful medicinal properties.

This is something that should go without saying. Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides which are metabolized differently than long-chain fatty acids. These go straight into the liver and are used as a source of energy. They are also known to be turned into ketones inside the body which can help with things like brain disorders.

2. Coconut oil can help you lose fat.

Coconut oil increases fat burning and is especially effective in reducing abdominal fat. This is amazing because abdominal fat can be life threatening as it lodges around organs and such.

3. Coconut oil can boost brain function in Alzheimer’s patients.

There appears to be a reduced ability to use glucose for energy in specific parts of the brain when it comes to Alzheimer’s patients. The ketone bodies gained from ingesting coconut oil can supply the brain with the energy it needs.

4. Coconut oil can protect against hair damage.

Coconut oil is overflowing with things that will benefit your hair.

5. Coconut oil can be used as a sunscreen.

Yes, it can also be used as a sunscreen according to one study. It is able to block twenty percent of the sun’s rays.

6. Coconut oil can be used as a Moisturizer.

Studies have shown that people with dry skin can improve their lipid content through coconut oil. Coconut oil is an amazing moisturizer.

7. Coconut oil can improve your blood cholesterol levels.

In a study done in recent years, coconut oil was able to reduce total and LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL compared to soybeans. This has been proven in studies that used humans and studies that used rats.

8. Coconut oil through ketones can reduce seizures.

The MTC’s in coconut oil can increase blood concentration of ketone bodies and in term reduce seizures in children who are epileptic.

9. Coconut oil will kill your hunger.

This is said to be something that happens because ketone bodies often have an appetite reducing effect.

10. Coconut oil can stave off infections.

This is because of the Lauric acid in the coconut oil. This is something that kills off harmful pathogens like bacteria viruses.

11. Coconut oil can increase your energy expenditure.

One study has found that thirty grams of MCTs per day can increase 24-hour energy expenditure by at least five percent. This totals you to about 120 calories a day.

12. Coconut oil can be used as a mouthwash.

This is something known as oil pulling and chances are you already know all about this. It can kill off harmful bacteria in the mouth and improve dental health.

If you don’t have any coconut oil in your home go out and get some. Adding coconut oil to your daily life is one of the most amazing things you can do. The sooner you start using the better health your whole family will be in. I never go a single day without using coconut oil, after looking over the things above I hope that you will be using it too.

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