The Cheapest Way to Clean Your Tap Water of Fluoride, Aluminum, Lead, Chlorine, and Lithium.

by Shelby

Exposure to fluoride can cause a whole new world of side effects for any person who consumes even the littlest amount. Fluoride is flooded into our bodies through our public water systems, and now there is a way that you can purify it without going broke.

Fluoride exposure is no joke. Yes, it’s a common ingredient in toothpaste, but municipalities have fluoridated everyone’s water! While you would have to ingest a reasonable amount of fluoride to acquire some of the major symptoms, even the smallest amounts of fluoride can devastate your overall health. Fluoride has been linked to weakening the skeletal system and causing arthritis. Because your liver is not able to process fluoride, it is passed along into the bloodstream, and it destroys your calcium levels. Thus, leaving you with much weaker bones.

If you have ever sought to purify your water of fluoride, chlorine, and other toxic chemicals, you probably discovered that it isn’t bank account friendly – fluoride purifiers can be pretty expensive. However, nobody ever needed one in the first place. There is one natural ingredient that can purify your water of these toxic chemicals as a whole, without breaking your budget. What is it? Well, Cilantro of course.

Cilantro has amazing detoxifying abilities. One study explored cilantro’s ability to cleanse heavy metals from water. According to the study, cilantro water cleansing might be a much cheaper alternative to water purifiers. Scientists theorize that the outer wall of the cilantro cell is fantastic at absorbing heavy metals. Not only is your water being purified, but it also isn’t running through a plastic container to do so.

Wondering What to Do Next?

If you’re looking to purify your water using cilantro all you have to do is follow these simple steps. Fill a tube with ground and dried cilantro. When the water runs through the tube it cleanses the water of all the heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride!

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