The Brutally Honest Coca-Cola Commercial You’ll Never See on TV

by Shelby

Coca-Cola is working on an ad in order to defend Aspartame, and the safety of all artificial sweeteners. This is because of the drop in sales they have been seeing in recent times, we should all feel good about this because it shows that we are making an impact by raising awareness on Aspartame in general.

Tons of people across the world are learning to make better choices and choosing to say no to Aspartame. Coke is something that does not belong in our bodies and it is well past time that the people knew this. I saw this video not too long ago and knew it would be something worth sharing. While Coca-Cola is planning to convince the public that artificial sweeteners are safe we all know otherwise.

Now, as you are all most likely aware Aspartame is a dangerous artificial sweetener. It is known to cause things like headaches, dizziness, mood swings, digestive issues, cancer, and many other health issues. It is most commonly found in ‘diet’ food and drink items but does nothing for weight loss. Aspartame is just about as bad for our health as being hit by a bus.

This voiced over version of the original Coke commercial says exactly what we are all thinking. When it comes to brute honesty things don’t get much better than this. While you will never see this on television it is something worth watching without a doubt.

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