The Aura of a Cat Protects You and Your Home From Ghosts and Negative Entities

by Shelby

Legend has it that a black cat with yellow eyes is bad luck, but that might not be the case. Studies show that the aura of a cat in your house can protect your home from ghosts and negative entities!


Take that dog lovers! Cats can ward away negative entities from your home. This is no new theory either. This idea originated in ancient Chinese times. The Egyptians also kept cats in their homes to ward off negative entities.

The ancient Chinese believed that the glow from a cat’s eyes could scare away evil spirits. According to the ancient Egyptians, the life-giving rays of the sun were stored overnight in the eyes of a cat for safe keeping. Buddhists in Southeast Asia thought that the souls of the dead pass into the bodies of sacred cats before moving on to the next life. A common belief is that cats can see the aura or psychic energy that surrounds the body of humans.

According to old lore, if you see a cat sleeping with all four paws tucked under its body, that means bad weather is coming. French peasants believed that a black cat could lead the way to buried treasure. You had to find a place where five roads met, then turn the cat loose and follow where he went. Another widespread belief is that cats can see the specter of death.

In Transylvanian folklore (Romania and Hungary), a cat jumping over a corpse means that the corpse will become a vampire. Cats are a great way to weed out negative energies from your home. If you hear weird noises at night, you might need to get a cat!

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