The Agriculture Industry is Mutilating Cows by Drilling Holes in Them

by Shelby

The agricultural industry in our nation is in dire need of reform. Cows are one of the primary pieces of this industry, and they are often neglected as living animals.

A new process introduced into the agricultural industry has to be put to a stop. The process is called Fistulation and is no more than abuse.

The process was introduced to the industry in an attempt for a better understanding of the digestive systems of cows. Many people claim that the process is harmless, and induces no pain or stress on the animals. However, it is obvious that it is abuse. Fistulation is a term derived from Fistula. A fistula is an abnormal or surgically made passage between a hollow or tubular organ and the body surface. Yes, you read that right. A fistulated cow has a portion of its stomach removed and they place a ring on the opening. The ring can be closed with a large plug. The cow heals around the ring, and it continues to digest food as if the opening wasn’t there. Watch the video below to see the process of fistulation. 

By creating this opening in the cow’s stomach, scientists are able to see the process of digestion. They can also learn more about what kind of bacteria is stored inside the stomach of the cow. The industry claims that to fistulation process is for health benefits only, while the process is literally mutilating living animals. It is undoubtedly that the process causes an immense amount of pain and discomfort for the animal. They claim that fistulation is healthier for the cows by allowing for the transfer of microbes from one cow to another. Here are some disturbing images of fistulated cows.


A Fistulated Cow


Inside the fistulation of a cow


Someone wrist deep inside a living cows stomach



Bottom line, Fistulation to cows is wrong. People need to take a stand against our agricultural industry and promote reform. Some people disagree, saying that fistulation is not abuse, and it is for health purposes only. Would you let someone tear a hole into your stomach in order to see how your digestion process works? I wouldn’t. What do you think about fistulation?

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