Super Green Detox Drink That Will Remove All Toxins and Fat From Your Body

by Shelby

How often do you include fresh and homemade juice in your daily diet? If you aren’t drinking nutrient loaded fruit juices daily, you should make that priority number one. Fresh juice, and drinks composed of them, are wonderful staples to include in any health promoting diet. Not only do they curb cravings for bad for you snacks, they also aid in weight loss, as well as providing nutrients that will improve your health. The deal maker? You can drink them as often as you want, and they are DELICIOUS!

Note: Insure that you remain careful of how much you consume, and don’t consume in excess as fruit does include sugar, so if weight loss is your goal, try to stay at a deficit of 500 calories per day. Also, when making juice cocktails you need to use equal parts with ice in a 2:1 ration.

Best Fruit Juices

  • Orange and grapefruit
  • Apple and watermelon
  • Apple and pear
  • Apple, pear and pineapple

Best Green Juices

  • Celery, spinach, cabbage, dill and lemon
  • Spinach, tomato, garlic, ginger, and cayenne
  • Cucumber, parsley, celery, and ginger
  • Celery, kale, tomato, garlic, and sweet basil

Best Combos

  • Pineapple, orange, watermelon, spinach, and cayenne
  • Orange, lemon, lime, and ginger
  • Green apple, strawberry, cucumber, kale and mint
  • Blueberry, raspberry, cabbage, cucumber, and mint
  • Pineapple, watermelon, mango, and orange bell pepper

What Health Benefits Will Fresh Juice Provide?

By combining both fresh fruit and vegetable juices daily, you will be consuming homemade health bombs. Loaded with nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, how could you possibly go wrong? As an example, cucumber is a major cleanser, while parsley works as a mild diuretic, and watermelon contains alkaline fluid that will neutralize acids and remove toxins from you kidneys. So if your goal is detoxification of toxins, you should use that combination for the most benefits.

Why Fresh Fruit Juice?

If you adapt your body to being filled with fresh, fiber rich juice, you will in turn consume less food, meaning less calories, which in turn will benefit any weight loss or health goals you may have. However, don’t use store-bought juice, as it is loaded with artificial colors, sugars, and chemicals that will completely destroy any health plan from the get-go. By making your own juices, you skip the pasteurization process, and also skip the part of the juicing process that obliterates any health benefits your juicing will provide. Watch the video below, and learn how to use your blender as your number one health tool, and change your life immediately.


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