Sunscreen is Killing the Coral, Sea Life & is Causing Skin Cancer, NOT the Sun! (Video)

by Shelby

A famous doctor and author guest starred on The Richie Allen Show. She talks about the horrific bleaching of the coral reefs along the Hawaiian Island’s coast, and what might be causing it!


Dr. Elizabeth Plourde guest starred on the Richie Allen Show, talking about the discovery of the dangers of sunscreen. She says that sunscreen is killing coral, sea life, and causing skin cancer! Dr.  Plourde is a certified Menopause Technician and She specializes in women’s hormone treatments. She explains that she used to scuba dive about 50 years ago. She says that she used to fall in love with the beautiful coral reefs in the ocean. However, Dr. Plourde says she can’t go scuba diving now. She says, “it is hard to cry with a scuba mask on. Because when she looks at the coral beds she used to think were so beautiful, are blank white now.” She says that the coral is “dead and sterile”.

Before and After Coral Bleaching

Before and After Coral Bleaching


Dr. Plourde had been swimming in Hawaiian waters for about 40 years. She is speaking truths about the coral in Hawaii. Hawaiian coral is greatly admired for its deep colorization and lively formations.  However, Dr. Plourde is not lying about the reminisce of the coral. It is said that global warming is the cause of the death of the coral, but the doctor disagrees. Upon her discovery of the coral, she remembers that the water was cooler than ever! This led her to do more research on the coral. She found that sunscreen is the cause of this and many other issues! The chemicals from sunscreen are dissolved in the water and cause the coral to die within 6-8 hours. She says that it also might be causing skin cancer and killing sea life! Watch her appearance on the show below!

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