Study Finds More Than 24,000 Chemicals in Bottled Water: Which Ones Are Harming You?

by Shelby

Many people believe that bottled water is the superior choice to tap water, but are those people correct? According to a recent study that is not the case!

German researchers at Martin Wagner and Jorg Oehlmann of the Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, and Michael Schlusener and Thomas Ternes of the German Federal Institute of Hydrology have found thatendocrine disrupting chemicals, which could affect development and reproduction, to be contaminated in 18 different bottled water products.

Plastic products that do not contain the hormone-disrupting chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) are increasing in demand. This has actually lead to some very positive changes in the way we manufacture things like water and other beverages.

While this is a good thing we don’t seem to be off to the good start we thought we were. A new study recently done out of Germany has shown that there are thousands of other harmful chemicals still coming off of plastic products and getting into food and drinks. These chemicals include the chemical di(2-ethylhexl) fumarate or DEHF which is completely unregulated and is a known endocrine-disrupting chemical.

Tests were done on eighteen different types of bottled water in order to assess the presence of EDCs. The team used a combination of high-resolution mass spectrometry and bioassay work and were to successfully identify at least 24,520 different chemicals that were present in the tested water.

One of the more concerning chemicals they found in this water was DEHF which is a plasticizer chemical used to make the plastic bottles more flexible. This was found to be the culprit behind anti-estrogenic activity. 90% of the chemicals found in these waters were found to be detrimental to the body’s hormonal system.

This is a big red flag that shows us we really don’t know what we are putting into our bodies. They have taken something that should only have one ingredient, water, and added thousands more. Watch the video below for more information on this matter.

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