Stressed Out? You Need A Cup Of “Calm The F**k Down” Tea

by Shelby

Stressed out? Looking to calm the fuck down? Have a glass of some calm the fuck down tea! It is a new organic brand of tea that is extremely effective in calming you down and taming the tension.

In today’s hustle and bustle lifestyle, a cup of tea is ideal for ending the day. Especially a cup that will calm you down! It is a chamomile tea and is cheap and effective! Chamomile is known for having a drug like effects because it is so effective in relieving anxiety. There was a medical study on how chamomile relieves anxiety. It actually has been researched since the late 1980’s. It has been reported that chemicals naturally present in chamomile act like common drugs for anxiety without the same side effects although until now there have been no human studies to confirm these findings.

Calm the fuck down tea is a great way to experience chamomile. They come in decorative boxes and can be kept forever! They are also organic and GMO-free. They also promise to be “fresh As Fuck”.

The box reads:

“A softening and refreshing blend of herbal tea delicately dashed with chamomile and peppered with lively licorice. Delicious, reviving and sure to calm you the fuck down, soothe your stress with this sumptuous, tranquil fusion of loose herbal tea.”


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