So, What’s So Unique About Type O Blood?

by Shelby

You might have heard before that people with type O blood are extremely rare and unique. Well, if you have an O type blood this why you stand out from the rest of the world!

Physically speaking, people with type O blood are at more risk for certain health issues. Type O people are more prone to ulcers, thyroid conditions, low hormone levels, and iodine deficiency. It’s easier for type O people to become obese and acquire water retention and tumors. However, they play an extraordinarily important role in society today – They have immense leadership energy.

People with type O blood have an extraordinary leadership energy that can be beneficial in any environment. They tend to stay focused and have some of the best personality traits. When they are stressed out they can easily become angry, frustrated, impulsive, and hyperactive. They are some of the most responsible and committed people out there. They are very organized and focused people, many people even believe them to be more logical. Legend has it that people with type O blood have ancestors that were hunters.

People with type O blood do not have A or B antigen proteins in their blood. Individuals having type o blood are Rh positive. Type O blood is a great resource to have in time of emergency though. O blood transfusions are accepted by people with O positive or O negative blood, A positive or negative, B positive and negative, AB positive or negative. However, O negative blood can only be transfused with other O negatives.

People having type O blood naturally produce a greater amount of stomach acid. The recommended diet for O blood is consuming plenty of lean meats, fish, and poultry along with fruits and vegetables. A diet high in protein is best for those who have ) type blood.

Japanese cultures and other Asian countries believe there is a direct correlation between blood type and personality. The claim involves the presence and quantities of certain hormones that vary in blood types. Adrenaline and noradrenaline hormones signal the sympathetic system to go into a fight or flight mode.

If you have type O blood you probably suffer from a health disorder, but you never let it get in the way of your daily living. People with Type O blood are strong individuals who look to lead anyone they can in the correct direction. Sound familiar? Maybe you’re an O blood!

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