Scientists Have Found a Way to Kill HIV

by Shelby

HIV, or better known as the AIDS infection, has demolished the lives of millions. It’s an extremely lethal condition, and until now, we’ve had no leads on a cure.

AIDS has affected the entire world, not just The United States. However, over 1.2 million people are living in the US with aids right now. It makes it even scarier to add that one in every eight sufferers don’t even know they are infected.

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The virus inflicts peril onto the human immune system. It specifically attacks the CD4 cells that fight off other infections. With the progression of the disease, it completely wipes out your immune system. The person affected will be unable to fight off any disease, cold, cancer, or virus. This will result in death.

Aids is usually treated the same way. There is no cure for the disease, but it can be “controlled” by using pharmaceuticals. However, doctors might have just found a cure. The studies were performed at the university of Montreal in Canada. They created a molecule named JP-III-48. What the molecule does to the HIV virus is stubbing.

It has the ability to open up the virus. It has been described as the molecule opening the virus “like a flower”. The virus typically has a unique way of evading the immune system, however, JP-III-48 has a way of getting around that. It mimicked the structure of a protein called CD4. CD4 acts as a doorway for the HIV virus. It allows direct access to the T-lymphocytes. The protein is referred to as the can opener protein because of how well it cracks open the virus. Imagine the HIV virus being the can.

The study performed in Montreal were the first to witness the way CD4 enters the HIV vaccine. The lead author of the study is Jonathan Richard. He stated in an interview, “Adding the small molecule forces the viral envelope to open like a flower,” “…The molecule forces the virus to expose parts which are recognized by the host’s antibodies. The antibodies then create a sort of bridge with some cells in the immune system and form an attack. “The antibodies that are naturally present after the infection can then target the infected cells so they are killed by the immune system,” Richard added.

Aids is a horrific disease, and it is absolutely amazing that we have researchers on the brink of a cure. Be sure to stay updated on the final cure for aids!

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