Scientists Have Finally Discovered Why Consuming Red Meat Causes Cancer

by Shelby

The world is a carnivorous place, especially the United States. We are a society of meat eating maniacs, but research continues to show us that this is a terrible habit to have.

We are raised to believe that we need to eat meat. Many people have the idea that is the only real food source of protein and iron, but this is simply false. There are a lot of different vegetables that can supply you with more than enough protein. Red lentils and dark leafy greens are known for their protein content, some even having more protein than red meat. If you don’t believe what you hear about meat being bad for you, just take a look at this startling research study.

There has been much media attention given to the harsh effects of pork, beef, and dairy products. We are all raised believing that they are vital components of a human diet, but truthfully it’s bad for us. You see, big food companies and meat producers ‘donate’ millions of dollars to the FDA and in return, the FDA does not report on the ill effects of their products. In fact, they support them. It’s an ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’ type of deal – and it’s cruel. There have been a number of studies that confirm that red meat is linked to increased risks for cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and even type II diabetes.

Scientists from the University of California in San Diego believe that the link has a lot to do with sugar. But wait – meat doesn’t have sugar in it… or does it? Yes, it does. Meat producers use a unique strain of sugar called Neu5Gc. It causes an immune response resulting in inflammation. The researchers discovered this when testing mice for a link between the Neu5Gc and cancer. According to the scientists, the mimicked the exact situation in humans through non-human feeding Neu5Gc and inducing the said antibodies. It spontaneously increased cancer in the mice. Scary right?

The dangerous strain of sugar can be found in all red meats, beef, pork, and poultry. It can even be found in cow’s milk and certain cheeses. The human body is not able to produce this chemical, therefore it is perceived as a foreign invader, activating the immune system.

The study found that people who consume red meat on a regular basis are more likely to develop cancer. It is a wise decision to refrain from red meats, and these days vegan alternatives taste a lot better. Especially the world famous Impossible Burger, which is a plant based burger! Give it a try! It even looks like real meat.

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