Scientists Find Australian Berry to Cure Cancer in 48 Hours!

by Shelby

Scientists have found a berry on an Australian Blushwood Tree that can supposedly cure cancer in as little as two days! To be specific, it actually showed incredible success in curing cancer of the skin, neck, head, and breasts. The tree is extremely rare and can only be found in one region of the Earth; The rainforests of far north Queensland Australia. The latest cancer research on the berry was published in PLOS One.

People are curious as to whether they could be grown in a greenhouse environment, so everyone across the globe could experience the berries cancer killing properties. There was an eight-year study by a medical research institute demonstrating how the Blushwood Berries cured cancer cells in skin melanomas. The compound is not only extremely effective, it has no side effects. Scientists were particularly amazed at how fast the fruit worked. It starts affecting the cancer cells within 5 minutes, making the cancerous melanoma and neck tumors disappear in days.

The compound was 75% successful in fighting skin cancer on dogs and horses. The research led by Dr. Glenn Boyle, from the QIMR Berghofer medical research institute in Brisbane, is highly promising and could be a potential cure for many cancers.  

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