Scientists Discover This Common Food Doesn’t Just Feed Cancer Cells it CREATES Them!

by Shelby

As some of you know whether you have been diagnosed or not with cancer it is very likely that you at least have a few cancerous cells somewhere in your inner terrain. Often times our immune systems are able to fight these cells off easily.

But, if you are someone who doesn’t have the proper insides, your body won’t be able to fight these things off. If you like to partakes in the typical American SAD diet, you have less chance of doing so. Someone who partakes in  the typical American diet is someone who eats a lot of factory farmed meats and junk food, things that are high in refined sugars and corn syrup. These things are a breeding ground for cancer, literally.

While this has been ignored for a very long time now, Otto Warburg back in the 1930s found something he calls the ‘Warburg Effect’. This is when normal cells begin to lack the oxygen they need in order to utilize glucose and nutrients needed for cellular energy. You see without the oxygen these cells begin depending on fermenting sugar in the body to live, causing them to become cancerous.

This makes the cancer treatment world even more ridiculous, because while they force chemotherapy on most cancer victims they are constantly offering them treats things like ice cream and cookies. These cancer cells consume sugar at a rate of over 19 times faster than healthy normal cells, why are these patients still being given junk food?

Of course, the reason is that the government is making too much profit off of cancer treatment to care about anyone’s well-being. It is very important to try our very best to stay away from sodas, candies, pastries, and processed anything. Refined sugar is addictive and is something that we need to watch ourselves with. Please watch the video below.

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