Scientists Discover THIS Common Food Doesn’t Just Feed Cancer Cells, It Creates Them!

by Shelby

We all know and understand that massive amounts can be disastrous for our health and well-being, but just exactly how disastrous could it possibly be? In a recent study published by the Journal of Clinical Investigation sugar was found to be not only a fueling source for cancerous cells but quite possibly a primary trigger for oncogenesis- or the creation of cancerous characteristics within previously healthy cells.

Hold On Just a Minute…..

Let us throw it in reverse for a moment, and explain just exactly what sugar is and does. As a generic term which describes simple carbohydrates, sugar includes fructose. Glucose, galactose, maltose and sucrose. Existing primarily of empty calories, sugar contains no protein, essential fat, vitamins, or minerals. In lamens terms, sugar contains no necessary nutrients. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to a variety of health problems, including insulin resistance, liver disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity  , heart disease and even cancer.

Due to the fact that sugar causes harm to the metabolism while elevating insulin levels, it has been linked to cancer. Various studies show that excess consumption of sugar puts you at a much higher risk for cancer, which is where the commonly used phrase “sugar feeds cancer” is derived.

One four-year study done at the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection in the Netherlands compared a study group consisting of cancer patients and control patients. What they discovered was that risks associated with sugar intake more than doubled for the cancer group in their study. Another study that took place in 21 countries further revealed that sugar consumption was a major risk factor that contributes to higher rates of breast cancer.

Why is this New Research So Important?

This new research would take sugars contribution to cancer a skip, jump, and leap further. The recent study that was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation took a closer look at the relationship between sugar and cancer: more specifically, the theory that “increased glycolysis (sugar based metabolism) is frequently viewed as a consequence of oncogenic events that drive malignant cell growth and survival.”

They found “evidence that increased glycolytic activation itself can be an oncogenic event.” Basically, the activation of a sugar-based metabolism in a cell plays a key role in the initiation of cancer.

What Does this Mean?

This study has confirmed that not only does sugar fuel cancerous cells, it also probably creates them, meaning that sugar is a primary contributing factor in the development of cancer. To shake the tree a bit further, the study also confirmed that removing sugar from your daily diet could help to prevent or reverse the growth of cancer cells.

Here is What Can Be Done

Sugar is already a known contributing factor to almost any ailment in the human body. Decreasing the amount of sugar, we consume on a daily basis in quite possibly one of the most important health policies we could abide by. Do not add extra sugar to food or beverages, and avoid sweets along with processed junk food altogether. Urge friends and family to begin decreasing the amounts they take in as well. Cutting back on sugar intake is not the easiest thing to do, as sugar is an addictive substance, however, it is clear that your health depends on it.

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