Say Goodbye to Bad Breath, Plaque, Tartar and Kill Harmful Bacteria in Your Mouth With Only One Ingredient

by Shelby

Do you want to cleanse your body of oral toxins and make your breath smell better? Sure, regular toothpaste works to an extent but does it really address any of the real issues?

Oil pulling is a method that can be used to promote oral health as a whole. Simply swish a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for 25-30 minutes. Oil pulling is known for detoxifying the gums as well as strengthening and protecting the teeth. This unique method can also work towards making your teeth much whiter than they initially were all the while fighting off bacteria.

This can also reduce headaches and skin conditions. It really has no side effects. I suggest using coconut oil as it is the best option.

Here is how to oil pull:

  • Upon waking up swish a few teaspoons of organic coconut oil in your mouth.
  • Leave the oil there for about 25 minutes and allow it to melt.
  • Do this before each meal and if at all possible 5 times a day.

The oil will be able to work its magic during these times. For a little more information on oil pulling please watch the video below. You will not regret adding this to your everyday life.

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