Save a Person Having Stroke with This One Simple Trick

by Shelby

Strokes are one of the scariest health issues to experience. They are sudden and time is everything in the event of this health catastrophe. Knowing what to do is urgent and can save a life.

A stroke occurs when the blood supply to your brain is interrupted or reduced. When this happens it throws everything in your entire body off. It may be caused by a blocked artery or the leaking or burst of a blood vessel. The risk of strokes is only on the rise too. Each year approximately 795,000 Americans suffer from a stroke… You could be next.

This technique is proven to be effective. While strokes are terrifying, about 80% of them prevented. There are tons of medications out there but we all know the big pharma is not taking the public health into consideration anymore. Instead, try this method invented by a Chinese professor. He demonstrated that you can stop a stroke in its tracks by the simple prick of a needle.

If you are worried that you or someone around you is going to suffer from a stroke, do not panic. Simply find a household needle and perform the following.

  • Sterilize a needle – you can do this by holding it over the flame of a candle or dipping it in alcohol.
  • Prick – prick all 10 fingers right below the nail.
  • Bleed – encourage the blood to flow from the fingers. If you it doesn’t flow like it should, squeeze the fingers. Make sure all fingers are bleeding.

Symptoms should evade, but be sure to get to a hospital just in case. This method is said to be 100% effective but you can never be too safe!

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