Remove Toxins From Your Fat Cells that are Making You Fat and Sick

by Shelby

Our bodies are designed to remove toxins naturally but sadly the world we live in has become so overly toxic that our bodies cannot get rid of toxins fast enough on their own. You see there are two kinds of toxins water-soluble and fat-soluble both are very different in how we handle them.

The fat-soluble toxins things like heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, pollutants, additives, plastic, and chemicals have to become water-soluble in order to pass through our bodies. This is mostly done with the use of our liver but when our digestive process isn’t functioning properly this doesn’t happen. Leaving the toxins to make their way out of the liver and into important places like your brain, blood, and fat cells. They can be stored in these places for years causing serious health issues further down the road.

In order to avoid having this issue or resolving it if you already do you will need to balance your stress levels, detox pathways, and digestive system together. Doing this properly can help you to avoid storing dangerous chemicals in your body. The video below will explain a little more in depth.

Getting rid of toxins is all focused around elimination. there are several different factors that can irritate the intestinal villi and make your digestive system go off balance. Your diet and stress levels are the first things you should take a look at in figuring out where to start. Toxins can overwhelm your liver as well and this is definitely not a good thing. Your liver can become congested with thick toxins and bile pushing these toxins into the blood stream and causing them to end up stored in your body for years. In order to burn these toxins off you will also need to burn fat.

Yes, burn fat to burn toxins. Flushing out these toxic fat cells is the most effective way to remove toxins. Once you get your nervous system functioning without stress your body will begin naturally burning this fat on its own. Nasal breathing techniques encourage fat burning as well. Please take the time to watch the videos below to find out how to get yourself detoxed and healthy.

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