Reinventing The Wheel: Nestle “Reinvents” Sugar

by Shelby

It is old news that sugar is modified before it hits the shelves. But Nestle has gone too far, by “reinventing” sugar!

Yes, it is true. Nestle has reinvented sugar. This new version of sugar is said to hit shelves in 2018. Nestle is the world’s largest food company. They announced that this new version of sugar is going to be 40% less sweetener. However, there is a catch.

Nestle is highly known for being exploitative. They are the world’s largest and richest food company. They manage over 8,000 different brands. They are known for their exploitation of freshwater resources, use of child slave labor, and severe environmental violations. They announced this week that they had a reinvented substitute for sugar – It isn’t so sweet either.

Nestlé scientists claim to have chemically restructured the sugar molecule, creating a new sweetener they claim tastes sweeter in smaller amounts as it dissolves and stimulates taste buds more quickly. This “breakthrough” could allow them – and other food companies – to significantly reduce the amount of sugar in their products. Nestlé has said that they will be cutting sugar content by as much as 40% in some products once they begin introducing the new sweetener in 2018. The “reinvented” sugar – dubbed “sugar lite” by the New York Times – would be used chiefly in candy products as, for still unknown reasons, it cannot be used to sweeten soda or other beverages. Nestle has yet to release any information on how they achieved this molecular discovery.

Nestle’s chief technology officer vaguely describes the product. Dr. Catsicas compared a normal crystal of sugar to a shoe box, where the box is made of sugar and everything inside it is also made of sugar. “The new sugar, he said, “will be processed to have the same sugar exterior — though it may be a globe instead of a box — to dissolve in the mouth. Because less sugar is inside, less goes to the stomach.”

If you are aware of the past invasions of Nestle, you are already prepared for the abundance of lawsuits that will unfold. The product is probably a chemical based substance. If It is made by Nestle, It is best to avoid it in the first place. Especially considering the company knowingly sold lead contaminated food in India! Nestle is a giant crook. Avoid their products as much as possible.

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