Probably the Strongest Drink for Stomach Fat Removal ever – Immediate Results

by Shelby

Did you know that 68.8 percent of Americans are overweight? So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are many people out there who want to shed a few pounds.

There is a fast, easy, and quickly effective solution for those people! It is a homemade concoction people are calling “BALM.”

BALM not only removes extra water from your body, it helps remove excess fat as well. It can also help improve your memory and vision as well. It doesn’t have a bad taste either; plus all you need to prepare the drink is horseradish, lemon, and honey.

Horseradish is a key ingredient because it helps with weight loss, heart health, digestive tract functions, respiratory issues, and strengthens your bones! It has a rich source of minerals and nutrients, vitamin c, fibers, magnesium, zinc, and several more. The drink is only a mere 6 calories per serving. Just purchase a horseradish root and grate the needed amount for the recipe. One root can be used for several servings.

Weight loss recipe:

  • 125 gr horseradish
  • 3 lemons (before use place in container with 1 tbsp vinegar for 10 minutes.)
  • 3 tbsp of honey


Put 125 of horseradish in a blender and mix well. Add unpeeled lemons, without seeds and keep blending. Afterward, add the honey and mix to blend all ingredients once more.


One tbsp, twice daily with meals, for at least 3 weeks.

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