Oncology’s Greatest Secret Exposed: The Real Truth About Chemo And Radiation!

by Shelby

Cancer treatment has honestly gone too far. Everyday it becomes more apparent that the cancer treatment foundations are solely existent for their profits.

There are so many natural remedies that prevent and stop the increase of cancer cells, and patients are still being injected with poison for treatment. Not only is it poison, but chemotherapy can lead to secondary cancers!

Chemotherapy was discovered during World War II; it was actually the product of a lethal accident. A ship was carrying sulfur mustards (a nerve agent used in chemical warfare) was bombed and the troops on board were exposed to the chemical. The men affected tested for depleted bone marrow, depleted lymph systems, and destruction cells that naturally divide faster than other cells. Because of this, scientists wondered if mustard gas could be used to reduce the production of cancer cells since they also divide faster than the rest of the cells in the body.

The first versions of chemotherapy drugs were called “nitrogen mustards.” In 1942, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center secretly began treating breast cancer with these nitrogen mustard’s. No one was cured. Chemotherapy trials were also conducted at Yale University around 1943 where 160 patients were treated. Again, no one was cured. But, since chemotherapy shrank the tumors, researchers were so excited that they proclaimed the chemotherapy trials to be a “success”.

Radiation therapy has been recognized as carcinogenic for many years. It is incredibly obvious considering the links of radiation to cancer like Chernobyl, Fukushima, and atomic blasts in Japan. Additionally, Chemotherapy destroys healthy cells along with the cancer cells. All of the healthy cells like bone marrow and immune system cells are completely destroyed along with the fast-dividing cancer cells. So, were most likely destroying more healthy cells than cancer cells. Already it is obvious that Chemo is not the ideal choice when it comes to treating cancer.

By this point, most people are already discouraged of Chemotherapy. We haven’t even gotten to the side effects of the harsh disease treatment. The effects chemo has on the body are intense. Chemo can affect your cognition which can cause confusion, loss of memory, and loss of coordination. Chemo also induces something called Peripheral Neuropathy. Peripheral Neuropathy is tingling in the extremities and may be accompanied by general fatigue, weakness, shaking, and numbness.

So far we’ve learned the Chemotherapy kills our healthy cells and has side effects that are much more than what they are telling people. Xerostomia is an example of another side effect that is a big deal. It is an extremely dry mouth and can lead to sores in the soft tissues, difficulty swallowing, and make you more prone to bleeding. One of the most common effects of chemotherapy is nausea. Those injected with a chemo treatment are expected to vomit for hours on end. It causes disorientation as well.

Lastly, and possibly most shocking, is that Chemo can cause more cancer. It is printed right in fine print. Chemo contains an ingredient called Doxorubicin. It is known to increase your risk for developing Leukemia, AKA more cancer. It is absolutely appalling that our loved ones, the ones unfortunate enough to be forced to suffer from this disease, the ones that deserve utmost care and love, are being injected with such harsh chemicals. Chemotherapy is nothing more than the negligence of natural medicine.

There are many nontoxic ways to treat cancer. For example, Ginger and Turmeric have shown to reduce the growth of cancer cells. Nowadays, there are many alternative treatments for cancer across the globe! It is time to wake up to the devious and maniacal profiteers of the cancer treatment industry.

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