Okra Water Remedy to Reduce Diabetes

by Shelby

Okra is a green flowering plant that packs enough potassium to give a good punch. it is something that we need in our daily lives without a doubt.

Drinking okra water can actually over time make diabetes go away. It will drastically reduce your diabetes in just a few days. This is possible because it improves kidney function and is abundant in vitamins our bodies need.

One study from Bangladesh published in the online journal ISRN Pharmaceutics has shown that purified okra, when given to rats orally, has slowed their glucose when coming out of the intestines. This has drastically reduced their after-meal glucose spikes. Evidence has also been found showing that okra may be able to help with insulin function and improve lipid levels much like statin drugs do.

Okra Water Remedy


  • Okra
  • Water
  • Container (Jar)


  • Cut off the ends of the okra. You will need to use at least three or four solid fresh pieces of okra.
  • Once you have cut the ends place the okra into the container and pour the water over it.
  • Once the container is full place the lid on and leave this sitting out for about 8 full hours.
  • Once the full 8 hours is over you can drink the okra water. I suggest letting it soak overnight and drinking every morning on an empty stomach.

For a quick run through on making this remedy please watch the video below. You will be able to rid yourself of diabetes in no time if you stay with this amazing remedy. I hope you enjoy!

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