Maraschino Cherries are Classified as Decorations, Not Food!

by The Rebel Pharmacist


Maraschino cherries are a favorite among many people, but you may want to reconsider this favorite cherry topper. They contain something banned for consumption even in the United States!

The United States classifies Maraschino cherries as decorations. Therefore, the banned Red Dye #4 is allowed into the cherries.

Have you ever wondered how Maraschino cherries were made? The beautiful fresh cherries are pitted and placed into a brine of sulfur dioxide and calcium chloride, these are used to preserve the cherries and bleach them of their natural color. Next they get suspended into a pool of corn syrup, food coloring, and bitter almond oil.

Keep in mind that all Maraschino cherries are made with Red #4 and some even contain Red Dye #40 which contains a chemical called benzidene, a human and animal cancer causing agent.


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