Man Uses Baking Soda to Beat Stage 4 Cancer

by Shelby

This amazing story is about a man who was told he only has just a few months left to live but, he took matters into his own hands and cured his cancer! How did he cure it you ask? With baking soda!

Yes, I said baking soda. This man’s name is Vernon Johnston and he used baking soda to cure his stage four prostate cancer. You see shortly later Vernon was diagnosed with prostate cancer his son told him that he should do his best to raise his pH levels, because cancer is unable to survive in a highly alkaline environment.

This led Vernon to meet a man named Larry who suggested that Vernon use cesium chloride to help raise his pH levels in order to make them highly alkaline. Vernon then decided that he was not going to try conventional methods to treat his cancer. He found that trying alternative therapy would suit him better and decided to give it a go. Vernon ordered some cesium chloride, but sadly it got lost in the mail.

After some time Vernon decided to try to find something else to use rather than ordering more. Vernon discovered quickly that you could use baking soda to bring up your alkalinity. Vernon was excited to hopefully kill off this cancer before it got the best of him.

Vernon began recording his treatment methods in a diary. Vernon called this his “Last dance with cancer”. In his diary, he wrote that you must maintain a good diet in order to promote alkalinity along with taking vitamin and mineral supplements. He also noted that you should get lots of sunshine.

Vernon spent lots of time doing breathing exercises as well in order to assist with initiating the sudden pH rise from sodium bicarbonate.

So, how do we make this baking soda cure?

You will need to add 4 teaspoons of baking soda in a cup and add in two teaspoons of molasses or maple syrup. then pour a glass of cater consume this mixture several times a day. You can also heat the baking soda in order to help it to dissolve quicker. Vernon cured his cancer this way and so can you!

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