Liver Tumors, Brain & Kidney Damage, Weird Allergy-Like Symptoms & Headaches Linked to Candle & Shampoo Ingredients

by Shelby

Synthetic scents are extremely dangerous. We need to avoid these things as best possible regardless of our current health or age.

About 95 percent of chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are derived from petroleum. This is according to the National Academy of Sciences, chemicals used in synthetic fragrances include things like benzene derivatives (carcinogenic), toluene, and other extremely toxic chemicals that have been linked with cancer, allergic reactions, and birth defects.

Many of the ingredients found in the products we use daily like lotion, shampoo, and laundry detergent are considered endocrine disruptors. This means that they will trigger things like weight gain and can set you up for some sort of disease later on in life. When a company labels something with a fragrance it actually means there are thousands of different potentially dangerous chemicals in the product on top of the ones already present.

All of these mysterious ingredients are absorbed into our bloodstreams and get to work demolishing our health. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics took the time to compile a list of all the chemicals we are exposed to daily and it has blown me away. Click here to view the list. 

Fragrance Chemicals and How They Damage The Body: (only five of thousands)

  • Acetaldehyde- This one has an adverse impact on the kidneys, nervous and respiratory systems.
  • BHA Butylated Hydroxyanisole- This one is listed as a carcinogenic under California’s prop 65.
  • Benzophenone- This one is an endocrine disrupter linked to liver tumors.
  • Butoxyethanol- This one is a skin, nose, and throat irritant. Exposure to this can cause blood in urine, nausea, kidney damage, liver damage, and more.
  • Formaldehyde- This is a known human carcinogenic and is banned for cosmetic use in Japan and Sweden.

The FDA does not even require fragrance and cosmetic makers to disclose exactly what they are using to scent products! How irresponsible is that? The only reason these harmful chemicals are being used is because they are cheaper than going a healthy route. Maximizing profit is all these big companies care about. One study done, in August of 2016 showed just how these fragrances can impact our daily lives. In her study, she found that overall 34 percent of the population reported one or more types of adverse effects from exposure to fragranced products.

These chemicals are dangerous synthetic scents can cause issues like:

  • Cancer- According to the Breast Cancer Fund we should avoid synthetic fragrance as a potential way to prevent cancer.
  • Birth Defects & Child Autism- One of the most unwanted ingredients in the fragrances is called phthalates. They have been linked to autism as well as neurological issues and ADHD.
  • Toxic Bodily Reactions & Allergies- Fragrances are one of the top five allergens in the world. Allergic reactions can include things like headaches, migraines, difficulty breathing, sinus irritations, breathing issues, and things of the sort.

The only ways to really avoid these synthetic scents is to avoid any product that lists the following:

  • DEP
  • DBP
  • DEHP
  • Parfum
  • Fragrance
  • Phthalates

Pay attention to labels and always buy certified organic products. These are much less likely to contain artificial scents. Use fresh cut herbs and potted flowers for scent in your home and try giving essential oils a try. They smell great and benefit your health.

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