If You Ever Feel Phantom Cell Phone Vibrations, You May Have A Serious Problem!

by Shelby

In today’s society everyone is glued to a mobile phone. They essentially run our everyday lives and more and more people are becoming completely addicted to their phones.

You might have heard of a phenomenon referred to as phantom vibrations. Phantom vibrations are essentially the illusion of one feeling a vibration that was never there in the first place. This is something that happens very commonly with people who own smartphones. In fact, over 90% of smartphone users have experienced this strange phenomenon.

Have you ever felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and checked it only to see that there was nothing there? No text, call, notification, or even a mere voicemail. This is what they refer to as phantom vibrations. It isn’t always coming from the pocket either. People can even feel phantom vibrations when their phone is lying on their desk. While this seems like a harmless thing to experience, it is actually an indicator of a real problem.

Phantom vibrations are a prime indicator of an addiction to your cell phone. It can be a subconscious text message or notification. If you are this involved with your cell phone and social media life, you need to lay off of the phone. While it isn’t an actual disease or medical condition, being addicted to your phone is extremely harmful to your overall health.

You should be seriously concerned if you feel phantom vibrations, however, you do not have to worry. Your health is not in crucial danger, but being glued to a cell phone can negatively affect your overall quality of life – and who wants that?

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