How to Start Eating Mindfully

by Shelby

One of the oldest cures for everything is mindfulness. It is effective in treating almost everything and can change your life completely. If you’re seeking mindfulness, here is just one more way you can achieve it; eating mindfully.

Mindfulness is a term that has existed for many years. It refers to the act of simple thinking. It is a psychological state of awareness. When you are mindful you are aware of the things that truly matter – life. You do not get caught up in worldly stress, problems, or anxieties. Mindfulness has tons of benefits too. Aside from not being stressed, sad, or mad, you can additionally gain physical benefits from it. It has been proven to increase a person’s focus, to decrease a person’s emotional reactivity, increased relationship satisfaction, and can even increase one’s immune function. Mindfulness is amazing, and every person should pursue it and it’s amazing benefits.

If you’re looking to increase your overall mindfulness you can do it in several different ways. Meditating is a great way to begin. Begin every morning with a ten minute meditation period. Focus on your breathing, and if you have to think of something, think of good things. It can do a lot more than you think. However, you can also eat mindfully. I know it sounds crazy, but it also works.

Mindful eating is basically meditation while you eat. I know it sounds crazy, but just give me a minute. This act of meditation during your meal gives you the awareness of what you’re putting in your body. It will cause you to lean towards healthier food. You start to realize how much better you feel when you eat healthy foods. It will additionally cause you to control portion sizes because you will be aware of when you are full.

If you’re looking to increase your mindfulness while eating you can do it by following these guidelines. They are easy to do but do require consistency and dedication. You won’t see any benefits from this the first time, but give it a little bit and you’ll soon feel amazing. You are what you eat, right?

Dedicate Time to Eat – Eating at specific times throughout the day can force your digestive system and metabolism to be on a set schedule. This will result in better meals, sleep, and day to day performance.

Express Gratitude – Think about how thankful you are to be eating this meal; many other people in the world do not have that simple luxury.

Feel – Pay attention to how the food makes you feel. If it’s greasy food it will probably make your stomach feel queasy. Even if you haven’t eaten it yet, thinking about greasy food is certainly dissatisfactory.

Taste – Taste the ingredients you’re putting in your body. Taste each and every different molecule of your food.

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