How To Restore Your Hair Color Naturally (1 Mix)

by The Rebel Pharmacist

Gray hair is the ultimate sign of the aging process, and about half of 50-year-olds are at least 50% gray. People have tried to cover their grays by using expensive hair dyes, but it is not the easiest battle out there, as gray hair is quite a tough opponent. Right? Maybe not.

Regular consumption of young wheatgrass has proven to bring back one’s natural hair color, so it is good to know that you can enjoy shiny and natural color even in your senior years.

And that is not the only benefit provided by the consumption of this miraculous grass. Wheatgrass will slow the entire aging process. It will rejuvenate your skin, detoxify your body, tighten loose and saggy skin, and even fight cancer.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) associates hair pigmentation with the quality of the blood and the strength of your kidneys. According to TCM, gray hair indicates weak kidneys and blood more than it means you are getting old.

Wheatgrass (from triticum aestivium) is 70% chlorophyll, which makes it efficient in restoring the health of your kidneys and blood.

Chlorophyll strengthens, oxygenates and improves your blood. It is similar to hemoglobin, the compound that brings oxygen to the blood. Once you consume chlorophyll, it transforms into blood. It transports nutrients, including oxygen, to the cells, tissues and organs, which gives it rejuvenating, protecting and strengthening power.

Dr Bernard Jensen, a world famous nutritionist, revealed that wheatgrass juice and other green juices are the best natural agents to improve the structure of your blood.

In his book, Health Magic Through Chlorophyll From Living Plant Life, he thoroughly explains the way in which he could boost red blood cell count within a few days. All he did was soak his patients in a chlorophyll-water bath. Wheatgrass and other green juices have proven to be even more efficient in boosting red blood cell count.

Beyond Beautification and into Total Body Health

Wheatgrass contains many nutrients that reinforce and rejuvenate our body. In addition to its high content of chlorophyll, wheatgrass contains 17 essential amino acids, 90 minerals, 13 vitamins and 80 enzymes. Dr Earp-Thomas, a prominent research scientist, said,”15 pounds of wheatgrass is the equivalent of 350 pounds of carrots, lettuce, celery and so forth.”

Wheatgrass provides an impenetrable defense against many disease. As an all-natural and powerful detoxifying agent, wheatgrass protects the liver and cleanses the blood by neutralizing substances like cadmium, nicotine, strontium, mercury, and polyvinyl chloride.

Fact: Cancer cells cannot develop in oxygen-rich environments!

Detoxification is the first step. Wheatgrass is anti-cancer agent with the ability to help halt tumor growth.

It is a rich source of liquid oxygen, so by boosting the production of red blood cells and increasing the oxygen level in the blood, wheatgrass actually fights cancer, because cancer cells cannot survive in alkaline environments.

The journal Mutation Research published a study in which chlorophyll was claimed to be more potent than beta-carotene and vitamins A, C and E. The anti-cancer effect of chlorophyll is more powerful than any other nutrient. Wheatgrass provides total body nutrition in a single gulp!

New alternative health breakthroughs appear every single day. There is strong evidence that this anti-aging cure can heal a variety of diseases. It can relieve pain, reverse the aging process and improve overall health. These natural alternatives are inexpensive or free, but unfortunately they are rarely reported by the mass media. Moreover, some of these solutions are even banned and suppressed.


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