How to Remove Unwanted Hair Forever in Just 5 Minutes

by Shelby

As human beings, we all deal with body hair in places that we may not want it. We all get to choose how to deal with that body hair.

When it comes to unwanted hair on the face, back, and feet I have found that this remedy works much better than most. You see I use to deal with unwanted facial hair daily, while it was just a bit of peach fuzz it made a huge impact on my self-esteem. Thanks to this remedy I will never have to deal with it again.

While there are tons of hair removal products on the market I always opt for safe natural alternatives. This remedy is cheap, easy to make, and will do the trick. You won’t be dealing with unwanted hair ever again after this.

Unwanted Hair Removal



  • Mix equal parts of these things together along with the egg whites making a paste.
  • Apply this to your face and allow it to sit for twenty minutes.
  • Wash off with warm water and a wet rag.
  • You should notice the hairs coming off with the paste.

This is without a doubt my favorite remedy. Now, in some cases, you will have to redo this method a few times before seeing results but for most, it has been quite successful. Enjoy!

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