How Eggs Are Made: You Don’t Want to See, But You Do

by Shelby

Chicken, eggs, baby chicks, and slaughter. Oh and don’t forget the growth hormones, harsh treatment, or confined spaces with barely enough room for breathing. This massive industry is not one that comes with a happy ever after for the poor creatures that are laying the eggs.

The disturbing reality is that unfortunately if we are not paying attention to the source of our food, or supplying food for ourselves, we are willfully living in ignorance and promoting cruelty.

With a variety of cruelty-free farms to choose from in most local areas, we oftentimes have the choice of finding a better source.  A verified and trustworthy source. There is always the option of getting your own chickens. However, if you fail to choose from either of these options… are better off not eating eggs at all. The information showed in the following videos has been available for a number of years. With information like this, it is unacceptable to ignore taking personal responsibility by voting with our dollars and resources, and saying NO to chemical laden, cruelty contaminated food sources!


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