First Major Clinical Trials Show Magic Mushrooms Heal Mental Illness Like A ‘Surgical Intervention’

by Shelby

Psilocybin, also known as Magic Mushrooms, has shown incredible results in treating mental illness. Researchers have studied for years on the drug, and finally, they have opened up the curtain exposing the injustice of the continuing drug war.

William Richards at John Hopkins University has been studying Psilocybin for 6 years now, and his first study published in 2006 has shown positive therapeutic results! The study has really made quite the movement for psychedelic research. The results from the first two studies were posted in the journal of Psychopharmacology – showing yet again positive results in treating depression and end-of-life stress.   

The Studies:

Both of the studies had no serious side effects, given less than 18% of patients experienced nausea, headache, or other symptoms that did not require medical attention. The patients felt content with the trials, some even saying that it was “nothing short of amazing”.

Dinah Bazer, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, was consumed with fear and anxiety. However, the psilocybin treatment allowed her to visualize her fear as a physical mass which she confronted and expelled. She is a self-proclaimed atheist, but she described her state of mind in spiritual terms. She said, “I was bathed in God’s love, and that continued for hours, I really had no other way to describe this incredibly powerful experience.”

Her fear, depression, and anxiety have not returned.

It is stories like this, that are the underlying reason that Roland Griffiths, lead author in one of the studies, says that psilocybin is like a “surgical intervention.” Like cannabis, the federal government stands in the way of research by listing psilocybin as a Schedule 1 drug, which severely hampers the ease with which researchers can procure the substance and test it. The war on drugs is a war on people. The real crime is government’s continued denial of this miraculous treatment to suffering people because of a drug war born of racism and political corruption.

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