Expiration Dates Are Bogus – Here’s The Best Way To Tell If A Food’s Gone Bad

by Shelby

Did you know that expiration dates are a scam? These ‘sell by’ dates aren’t reliable according to the National Resource Defense Council.

These dates do not determine when a food is no longer good to eat they actually indicate when a food is at its optimal quality. Figuring out it food is good to eat really doesn’t take much thought.

When is something not good to eat?

  • Bread- When it has molded for example bread even if only one piece has molded throw it all out. Mold can spread easily through a loaf since it is very porous.


  • Eggs- If you want to check and see if your eggs are bad put them in fresh cold water if they’re bad they float. Meaning i they’re good they sink. You see this is because as an egg ages it forms a sac of air on the inside which causes it to float.eggs


  • Fruit- Generally fruit has a change in texture when it goes bad. It will become mushy or grainy.


  • Meat- Becomes slimy or sticky and this is a sign you should throw it out. As well as overall bad meat tends to have a foul odor.Milk- Gets lumpy and smells sour.meat


  • Cheese- Begins to smell like sour milk.


There are ways to check for just about everything you can think of but you should definitely not rely on those expiration dates. They seem to be way off. Just because something is past the date doesn’t make it bad and just because it’s before the date doesn’t make it good. Check your food.

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