Expert Gardener Shares 13 Beautiful Backyard Patio Ideas, They’re Stunning!

by Shelby

Spending time outside is always fun be it with family and friends or alone. During the summertime we are always out on our patios so why not make yours amazing?

The do it yourself measures below will turn your boring ole patio into the talk of the town. They actually take little to no effort and make an enormous difference. Continue on if you’d like for your patio to be just as amazing as you are.

1. Color ‘Pop’ Fence

This is one of my favorites, all you need to do is drill a few holes in your fence and pop some colored glass marbles into them. This will give your fence that magical look when the sun shines through them. My children love this and it only took me about five minutes to do.

2. Stay Green

Adding any sort of plants or grass will spice things up in a great way. This fake grass rug was enough to make the patio below look ten times better. They look and feel amazing especially on bare feet.

3. Flower Display

My mother does this every year and I love it! Making pallet displays have become quite the trend in the past few years and for good reason, they are adorable! To learn how to make your own click here.

4. Hang A Hammock

Who wouldn’t love hanging out in a hammock? These make a great addition to any home. You can buy one or even make one yourself. They are the best when it comes to relaxing outdoors.

6. Get An Outdoor Sofa

This will make your patio look more homely. I love sitting on my outdoor sofa. You can make your own or buy one, however, making one is so much fun. If you think you’d like to try making your own click here.

7. Make The Kids A Hopscotch Board


My kids love this so much, they will spend hours playing and enjoying the sun. You can make your own hopscotch board by simply painting some pavers. This doesn’t have to be extravagant to be fun. Your kids will thank you for this.

8. Paint Your Picnic Table

Doing this will give your backyard a unique look without a doubt. You can paint it any color you choose but of course, I would go with a fun funky color.

9. Make A Tire Planter

Paint a tire and use it as a planter. You can hang it on a wall or even from a tree. It will work as an interesting accent piece and everyone will love it. I adore my tire planters.

10. Turn That Tree Stump Into A Table

This is something I find extremely adorable. If you have an unsightly tree stump in your yard you can turn it into something useful. Your friends and family will love it and it will serve a good purpose. Just Give it a top and sit a few plants on it. If you have any old chairs lying around use them with this table. You can paint them or leave them be, I personally love the older washed out look myself.

11. Make Some Framed Herb Planters

Hang some buckets from a cute frame and fill them with herbs. This looks super cool and is a neat idea. See how cute it is?

12. Plant Some Coral Honeysuckles

These are beautiful and will make your patio smell fantastic. I cannot get over how truly beautiful this plant really is. This plant is super easy to take care of and will make a great addition to your home.

13. Turn A Shoe Holder Into A Pocket Garden

Plant herbs in your old shoe holder and hang it up on your patio. This is adorable and works quite well. Herbs are important to have and this is something you will love.

If you think your patio needs a bit sprucing up the things above will definitely do the trick. I adore my patio thanks to these things. It is almost like a wonderland. Since we spend lots of time on our patios it is important that we feel comfortable there. Nothing says comfortable like a tiny herb garden. Enjoy!


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