Everyone Who Has THESE Holes On Your Back is Really Special! This is…

by Shelby

Have you ever noticed two little dimples on you or your partner’s lower back? Well, if you have them, you’re actually very special and rare.

The two dimples appear right above the buttocks on the lower back. They are side by side, and can not be created by exercising. You’re either born with them or you’re not. They are predominantly found in women and are called Venus Holes. However, they rarely can be found in men, if he does have them they’re called apollo holes.

Venus holes, or apollo holes are located in a place where two bones meet the pelvis. They are a sign of good circulation and cardiovascular problems. They can only be found in people with this genetic disposition. Other people even claim that the venus holes even make it easier to orgasm. They are connected to the pelvis by a tendon, and surgeons even use them as a reference point for placing spinal screws.

Do you have Venus holes? If you do, don’t try to cover them or brag! They are a sign of great health, and you should be extremely proud of them.

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