Drink 1 Can of Coke and THIS Happens to Your Body in Only 1 Hour!

by Shelby

With a plethora of information and research stating just exactly how horrible that Coca-Cola is for you, it is simply amazing that people still consider it OK for human consumption. Furthermore, the fact that 1.9 Billion bottles of this toxic drink are consumed worldwide. Exactly how bad is Coca-Cola for you? Well, this is what happens after ingestion….

Each bottle of Coke contains an alarming amount of high-fructose corn syrup, and is the single highest source of calories in the typical American diet. Sadly, since we are now HFCS addicts, when Coke attempted to replace the syrup with healthier cane sugar in 1985, the public was outraged thus causing the company to revert back to using corn syrup. HFCS interacts with our brain in a similar way to addictive drugs like crack cocaine or heroin. One study even showed lab rats that subjected themselves to excruciating pain by walking through electrified plates to access HFCS. Since studies indicate that addiction in mice is quite similar to addiction in humans, this is very alarming information. Unfortunately, on top of producing addiction that results in withdrawal symptoms later on, consumption of this toxic beverage begins working immediately in our system, causing a chain of effects that is terrifying.

The First 10 Minutes

Containing 100% of our recommended sugar intake for the day, one Coke can have a disastrous effect on our body.  Considering that one coke is not the only sugar that will go into your body within a 24-hour period, you will be at a much higher risk of cavities, obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Since all that sugar is hitting you instantaneously, you will feel the effects within minutes of ingestion.

20 Minutes After Consumption


Research shows that when we ingest high amounts of fructose, our liver is unable to filter through all of it, and in turn our body converts the majority of it into fat. This fact alone is a fundamental cause of obesity, as well as a contributor to the development of many types of cancer.

40 Minutes

coke gif

At this point, the caffeine from the Coke is being absorbed into your body. With a staggering 32mg (diet coke has 42mg) that is already barely under half of the recommended caffeine for a typical adolescent. Caffeine can cause nervousness, jitters, anxiousness, and high blood pressure.

45 Minutes


The brain reacts to Coca-Cola in a similar way that it would to heroin, cocaine, or crystal meth: by increasing the production of dopamine. This in turn causes a stimulated, “feel good” mood, because your u-opioid receptors are now being activated at about 45 minutes after you have consumed your innocent coke.

60 Minutes and Beyond


Once you have reached about 60 minutes past consumption time, Coca-Cola is now affecting your bodies mineral levels. This is due to the exodus of calcium through urination. Research shows that this could have a harmful effect on your bones, teeth, and joints.  Magnesium, zinc, sodium, and electrolytes are also pushed out of the body due to coke, and this will continue to increase for two hours after consumption.

Sadly, it’s horrible effects don’t stop there, because the awaited sugar crash has now started, and in return you probably feel frustrated, tired, and want another coke. And if you don’t have one here comes the withdrawal….

Obviously, Coca-Cola is not safe for ingestion. With loads of sugar, detrimental health effects, and addiction causing ingredients….well, let’s just advise that you set that can down. However, we aren’t saying that Coca-Cola is entirely useless….actually, there are tons of way you can use it externally….for example, it removes rust. On that note, you can follow this article up by reading the convenient list of 10 uses for Coca-Cola…..that don’t involve putting that toxic sludge into your body. Your welcome.

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