Don’t Toss Your Old Jeans! Here Are 23 Fun and Creative Crafts You Can Do with Them

by Shelby

If you are a mother, you know exactly what i’m talking about. Kids grow like weeds and their clothes unfortunately do not. However, instead of throwing away their old jeans you can use them for many different fun and easy crafts!

Moms know it all too well; spending 60 to 100 dollars on jeans! Jeans can be super expensive these days. Especially if you are looking for designer jeans. But unfortunately, your daughter just has to have them, everyone else does! Instead of throwing away those stitches of gold, use them in a fun craft! You can use old jeans in a number of ways. They’re easy to do and can bring the family together for a crafts night! Here are 23 different ways to utilize those old blue jeans!

You can use your old blue jeans to create a denim wreath! It is much easier to do this craft with a pair of rugged and ripped up jeans. You can get the instructions here:


Draw on them with a bleach pen!  The finished effect is really cool, and as you can see, you can do pretty detailed work. It is a great way to make a fashion statement, that is for sure.


Turn any old pair of jeans into a picnic blanket holder! Basically a duffle bag, you can use it to carry around your supplies for your next picnic! Get the tutorial here.


Sew up a little jean purse! It can be a great gift for a family member. Also, denim never goes out of style! You can make an ideal handbag out of an old pair of jeans!


Denim bracelets are an amazing fashion accessory! You can draw on them and personalize them in an unlimited number of ways! In the picture below, you can see that someone designed a bracelet out of denim and they designed it with a morse code! Here are the instructions. 


You can also make a stylish craft apron out of old jeans! Here’s how. 


Make these super cool blue jean mums! They are really neat and a fun way to get the family together!


You can also make a nifty fabric basket with them.


Recycle those old blue jeans and use them to wrap some pillows! They look wonderful too. They can be a great accent to any living area. They would also be amazing shams for a bed! I Imagine you could also make a comforter out of old blue jeans, if you’re an expert seamstress.


Use them to weave an entire basket! Unlike the fabric basket, you can store larger things in this one. Use it to store toilet paper in or towels! You could also keep your fresh fruit in it, as seen below.


Turn old denim into these really cool placemats! Here is the DIY!


You can additionally use the old denim for some cozy slippers!


You can use denim to make a beautiful textile art piece for the living room. It is super cool!


Make a super unique lunchbox or snack bag carrier.


Make a cool little tooth fairy pocket! The kids will love this one.

download (7)

Everyone needs a new makeup bag. Turn the old jeans into a unique makeup bag!


Turn them into a rug! Instructions included!


Make a denim christmas stocking!


You can also transform old jeans into bean bags or corn hole sacks!


You can make a really nice and decorative pumpkin! It is a great accent for the front porch during fall.


Make a really cool bookmark!


A useful hack for moms everywhere is to turn them into baby bibs! You could also turn them into bibs and monogram them for people, making some extra cash!

Use them for closet organizers! Super useful for spring cleaning and getting the closet organized and together.


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