Doctor Explains How to Calm Screaming Babies with a Simple and Genius Hold

by Shelby

Robert Hamilton, a 30-year pediatrician, has led a career that has caused him to be exposed to many crying babies that are experiencing their first shot, or receiving some other type of discomfort. Along the way, he has come to understand exactly how to cradle a child so that they immediately calm down. Kindly, he has passed this knowledge along, and we have provided this information to help you in your efforts to be the very best parent you can be.

Here are the basic steps:

1. Begin by crossing the baby’s arms snugly across his (or her) chest, one arm at a time. Be gentle.
2. Secure the child’s arms with your hand once folded, while supporting the infant’s chin.
3. Support the child’s bottom with the biggest part of your hand.
4. At a 45-degree angle, begin rocking the child back and forth, at a 45-degree angle.

Watch this video, where Dr. Hamilton shows us step by step exactly how it is done.

Although this particular hold doesn’t work on all babies it is very effective for babies 2-3 months old. Beyond that, they become too heavy to be held in the position seen in the video. If this technique doesn’t work, it could be due to hunger or sickness.

This technique is simple, and the results are quick and wonderful as Dr. Hamilton has plenty of experience in the art of calming babies. Try it it today to ease your newborn’s discomfort, giving yourself a new piece of mind.

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