Desert Farm Grows 17,000 Tons Of Food Without Soil, Pesticides, Fossil Fuels, Or Groundwater

by Shelby

The world’s first farm to use seawater and sunlight in order to grow food is open and it is in the middle of a desert! This is one amazing farm!

This farm is using coconut husks and mirrors to reflect the desert sun and also run on solar power. They are using desalinated water on their crops and it appears they are somehow working magic to produce their crops. This farm is known as Sundrop Farms, it is located in Port Augusta, Australia.

Their way of doing things is proving to be a great concept as they are growing food in new ways we would usually not think about given how farming usually is these days. This farm was also able to recently continue thriving even in extreme weather conditions. A once in fifty-year storm brought chaos to South Australia and Sundrop Farms was still just fine. They withstood overly high winds and a massive blackout.

Could this be the farming style of the future? We sure hope so. With chemical-free fertilizers, no pesticides, and non-GMO products there is nothing to complain about when it comes to the benefits of farming in this manner. We do not need anything to farm other than an imagination and the right minds to put it to use.

The video below is from last month right before the farm opened and will give you some insight on how this amazing farm works.

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