Denmark Intends to Become the World’s First 100% Organic Nation

by Shelby

The Danish government has announced that it will be converting the entire country’s agriculture into organic and sustainable farming. This will make Denmark the first country ever in the world to become one hundred percent organic.

The government has already been able to raise over fifty-three million euros in an effort to turn the country into an organic powerhouse one hundred percent. Since Denmark seems to have quite the love for organic food this goal doesn’t seem too out of reach. Their government has two main angles for implementing this:

  • One is to turn traditional farmland into organic.
  • The other is to stimulate an increase in demand for organic product.

This is planned to have the numbers of agricultural land cultivated with organic methods doubled by the year 2020. Not only will government land be using organic methods but the government will also finance and support those working and investing in this sector to promote growth. This isn’t just or fruit and veggies but livestock as well. How amazing is that?

The first target is food that will be served to the public places like schools, hospitals, and cafeterias. National public institutions serve over 800,000 meals each day this will be increasingly green. If only we could get every country on this page.

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