CONFIRMED: Cancer is Entirely a Man-Made Disease

by Shelby

Researchers from the University Of Manchester, United Kingdom, have concluded that cancer is without a doubt a modern man made disease. In the United Kingdom, alone cancer kills over 150,000 people each year meaning one in three people would be diagnosed with cancer.

These researchers spent a lot of their time studying mummies, fossils, and classical literature. These researchers were able to conclude that cancer was man-made. This is because according to the research shown tumors were rare until recent times. Times when pollution and poor diet became an issue. When they studied Egyptian mummies they found no signs of cancer (something similar in an isolated case but nothing to link the others) These researchers rehydrated hundreds of slivers of tissue and examined it as closely as possible under a microscope.

Some have argued that the Egyptians were not alive long enough to develop cancer but researchers dismissed this by pointing out that other age-related diseases occurred during this time  as well. It has also been stated that fossil evidence of cancer is not really solid. Literature has only provided roughly a dozen mostly disputed examples found in animal fossils.

Texts from ancient Egypt were filled with cancer-like issues but these were found to be more likely leprosy or varicose veins. As it seems ancient Greeks were most likely the first to define cancer as a specific disease. They were also most likely the first to distinguish between malignant and benign tumors. Only in the 17th century were descriptions of operations for breast and other cancers recorded. The first reports of distinctive tumors have only come about in the past two thousand years.

You would think with lack of healthcare back then there would be plenty of cancer-related evidence. There is not. This causes a red flag so to speak. What do you think could cancer be man-made?

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