Chemotherapy Proven to Spread Cancer, Cause Lethal Tumors in Groundbreaking New Study

by Shelby

In a world of such technological and ‘medical’ advancement, you would think that disease wouldn’t be much of an issue. As time goes on we see more clearly how much of a money scheme the medical industry really is.

The medical industry has been basically ripping all of us off since big pharma began. Except, it might be a little worse than being ripped off; because they’re not only stealing tons of your money, but they’re also taking your youth and health. The medications they pump us full of are toxic and poisonous.

For example, the way we treat cancer. Chemotherapy is the most popular method for treating cancer, but according to a new study, it has a terrible effect on our bodies. Not like we didn’t already know that, I mean it’s one of the most painful treatments to endure. However, the results show that it actually spreads cancer instead of killing it.

The study was performed by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and they found some amazing results regarding the real effectiveness and side effects of chemotherapy. They found that chemotherapy can help disperse the cancer cells all throughout the body. The study was led by researchers George S. Karagiannis, Jessica M. Pastoriza, Yarong Wang, and Allison S. Harney.

In the study titled, Neoadjuvant chemotherapy induces breast cancer metastasis through a TMEM-mediated mechanism, the researchers found that chemotherapy might be the cause of new tumors in patients who develop secondary cancers. The study shows that chemotherapy induces a process known as metastasis. During metastasis, the patient might develop more cancer in another part of the body from which it originated from.

Doctors and researchers that claim chemotherapy is the top and most effective treatment for cancer should be tried for murder. Especially considering the many natural ingredients that fight off cancer 10x better than chemotherapy does. I know one thing; if I was ever diagnosed with cancer I would not do Chemotherapy.

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