Cannabis Coconut Oil- Easy Recipe Combats Pain, Nausea, Seizures And More!

by Shelby

As I am sure you are already aware virgin coconut oil is a pretty amazing product all by itself. You can use It for so many things the list literally goes on forever.

Coconut oil is filled with tons of healing elements and can benefit your body internally as well as externally. You can use coconut oil to heal skin irritations, remove damage from your hair, improve your memory, fight cancer, cure uti’s, and many other things. Coconut oil is definitely worth keeping around.

Now, if you want to improve the use of coconut oil even more and add tons more health benefits right on top of the ones already there you should infuse it with marijuana. Yes, marijuana when you combine these two properly there is nothing greater. The THC in marijuana actually works with the properties already found in the coconut oil and can do wonderful things. You can use this mixture to treat pain, PTSD, eating disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety, cancer, seizures, and so much more.

In order to make this mixture you will however have to decarb your marijuana first. Below I will explain how:

  • Preheat your oven to 240 degrees farenheight.
  • break up the cannabis flower and buds into tiny pieces with your hands generally try to use an ounce or close to it.
  • Put these pieces on a rimmed baking sheet and bake the cannabis for about an hour be sure to stir it every so often to ensure the pieces toast evenly.
  • When it is done allow the cannabis to cool it should become crumbly when handled.
  • Put the cannabis into a food processer and grind it up well store it in a container and use it as you need it.

How to make cannabis coconut oil:

  • Put one gram of the decarbed cannabis per ounce of virgin coconut oil. Put the crushed marijuana in a glass jar and add the coconut oil.
  • Put the lid on the jar and seal it well.
  • Put this into a pan full of water.
  • Heat the water slowly and keep it on a boiling level for one whole hour.
  • Use a strainer to eliminate the solid elements from the mixture.
  • Make sure to squeeze all the juice from the cannabis.
  • Then eat the cannabis coconut oil as is or with other foods. You can even use it as a lotion.

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