Consume Ripe Bananas With Black Spots And See What Happens to Your Body

by Shelby

Bananas, as you may know, are extremely nutritious and one of the best fruits out there. They are an easily accessible super food, to say the least.

Statistically, the banana is the most consumed fruit in the whole United States. However, it appears we have been doing something wrong this whole time. Do you buy green bananas, yellow bananas, or bananas with brownish spots? I  have in the past been one to buy them while still green. This is something just about everyone I know does and should not do.

Bananas with brown spots are actually much more healthy for us than the yellow ones or the green ones. This is because they have a lot of TNF. TNF is something that can successfully fight off cancer and bad cells. Bananas containing TNF have actually been shown to slow down tumor growth and in some cases even stop it by creating apoptosis cell death.

If that isn’t enough to make you want a brown speckled banana then the benefits I list below might be. Bananas can do great things for our health. We should always opt for the speckles ones.

Reasons To Eat Bananas

  • They have a low sodium level and a large amount of potassium so they protect the heart and lower blood pressure.
  • They fight against anemia and can give your body a lot of iron.
  • They contain tryptophan which is something that works to combat depression. It is known to improve one’s mood.
  • Bananas will not upset a stomach ulcer.
  • They offer a ton of minerals, vitamins, and things of the sort. This will give you plenty of energy.
  • Eating banana is good for regulating bowel movements. It can relieve constipation.

See, the list goes on and on for quite some time. If you are dealing with any of the things above eating a brown speckled banana will benefit you in a big way. We often think that because they are changing color that they are gross of not safe to eat but this is completely wrong. They are a far better choice when deciding on what kind of banana you want to bring home.

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