Boy Nearly Decapitated While Using This Popular Cell Phone Accessory

by Shelby

One 16-year-old by the name of Bradley Willoughby in Queensland, Australia was almost decapitated by something almost completely unthought of. After reading this you may be more cautious about when you use this type of product.

This happened while riding a motorbike on his parents’ farm. Of course, Willoughby thought he had taken all the proper safety measures. His bike was sturdy, his helmet was proper and all was in order. However, he did not think about the fact that under his helmet he was wearing a pair of corded earbuds. The ones we generally use almost every day.


After miscalculating his odds he landed awkwardly on a jump which caused him t skid with his motorbike into a barbed wire fence. This dislocated and broke his ankle as well as gashed his belly open as you can see in the picture below. That sadly was not the worst of his injuries.


Upon impact, because his earbuds were secure under his helmet they did not just pop off as they would in most cases. The rubber coating on the earbud cords was actually pulled off during this and the copper wires within places so much pressure on his neck at this point hat he was as you see in the picture below nearly decapitated. His father removed the cords from him while waiting for the paramedics to arrive. The wires missed his trachea but were quite deep, to say the least.


The family has a warning they would like to share with the world. Something we should all listen to. When it comes to earbuds they are fine to use.

But when it comes to motorcycle/motorbike riding:

“Do not wear wired earphones under a motorbike helmet.”

If you must listen to music when riding please consider a safer alternative. Use the wireless Bluetooth version. These do not risk the chance of decapitation or choking via cords. Be safe!

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