Blood Clots: The Common Killer You Might Be Ignoring

by Shelby

Did you know that blood clots kill one in four people worldwide, how surprising is that? Most people are completely unaware just how serious and common blood clots really are.

You see most people are overly informed on things like high blood pressure, cancer, and aids that somehow blood clots oftentimes gets overlooked. Very few actually know the major risks involved with blood clots or (VTE). Blood clots can cause people to be hospitalized, have surgery, cause cancer, and even cause things like a heart attack or a stroke.

VTE Venous Thromboembolism is a condition in which the blood clots form in the deep veins of the leg and can end up traveling through the circulatory system and get lodged in the lungs of its victim. VTE is very common even though most people have never even heard of it. One to three of every one thousand people have VTE.

VTE survivors are left with long-term disabilities. Blood clots that end up in the lungs you see, can cause chronic pulmonary hypertension this oftentimes means the person has to have surgery. The post-thrombotic syndrome can result in severe pain in and even swelling of one’s leg. This can eventually cause skin ulcers and limit the activity of the patient. Not to mention healthcare costs a fortune.

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