Beware: the Real Truth About Colonoscopy Nobody Really Talks About

by Shelby

The medical industry is notorious for scamming people into giving them their money. In all reality, the entire medical industry itself is just a scheme to get money.

Colonoscopies are a procedure that is prophylactic for colon cancer. It is a multimillion dollar industry in itself. There are over 14 million healthy people that are above the age of 50 that undergo this invasive procedure. It is a painful and dangerous procedure that causes harm where there was none in the first place.

Many people will claim that it is not a painful procedure, but it is. It’s actually extremely painful and dangerous. The Annals of Internal Medicine report that an estimated 70,000 people will be injured or killed by a colonoscopy complication. That is 22% higher than the amount of people that die from colorectal cancer itself. According to the Telemark Polyp Study l colonoscopies increase mortality by 57%. You can live decades with colorectal cancer; you can’t live long if your intestines are punctured by a camera.

Some diseases that you can acquire from having a colonoscopy are HPV virus, HIV, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Helicobacter Pylori, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C

Most people think that colonoscopies are to prevent cancer but this is a blatant lie. According to the American Cancer Association, “…there are no prospective randomized controlled trials of screening colonoscopy for the reduction in incidence of or mortality from colorectal cancer.” “The patients in all the studies had at least one adenoma detected on colonoscopy but did not have cancer. They developed cancer in the next few years, however, at the same rate as would be expected in the general population without screening.”

Other research was published in 2006 concluded that the screened patients in all of the studies developed colorectal cancer. According to The National Cancer Institute: “Whether virtual colonoscopy can reduce the number of deaths from colorectal cancer is not yet known.”

Everyone should avoid getting this dangerous procedure. It is a simple scam for the medical industry to make money. It increases your risk of getting cancer which makes them even more money.

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