Be Your Own Dentist! See How To Remove Plaque From Your Teeth in Just 5 Minutes!

by Shelby

Dentists these days use tons of dangerous chemicals in your mouth. We have well established that our body is not the place for fluoride, so instead of emptying out your wallet and getting poisoned, try this natural remedy!

It is the most effective oral hygiene remedy, and you will virtually become your own dentist. Just without all the fancy and expensive degrees. For years now dentists have promised us the chance of having zero cavities, as this special ingredient called fluoride can cure them. This has turned out to not be the case, but there are many natural ways to clean your teeth without poisoning yourself.


Fluoride is bad for the entire body, but it is especially harmful to our teeth. It actually breaks down enamel and causes our teeth to become brittle. Fluoride accumulates in our bones and makes them weak and brittle. This puts you at very high risk of breaking bones. It has also been shown to accumulate in our pineal glands! We cannot have our spirit clogged up by fluoride! Let’s face it – were paying dentists loads of money to poison us.

We simply do not need dentists, or toxic product using ones anyways. Do not fret, for mother nature had us in her thoughts. There are many natural ways to clean your teeth, and they seem to work a whole lot better than average toothpaste…

Mix together baking soda, optional salt, and peppermint. Add a little water at a time, stirring after each addition, until paste reaches desired consistency.


Baking soda is otherwise referred to as sodium bicarbonate and is produced by bubbling carbon dioxide through sodium carbonate. This process forms a crystalline mineral, which is known as baking soda. These crystals are dried, and then broken into smaller pieces or crushed into a fine powder which is what is used in kitchens around the world The sodium bicarbonate keeps your teeth clean, while actually producing healthier enamel! 

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