Bayer-Monsanto: A “Marriage Made In Hell”

by Shelby

Monsanto agreed back in September to sell itself to Bayer for a total of $56.5 billion dollars. This combined company will be the world’s largest seller of seeds and agrichemicals.

Monsanto is without a doubt one of the most hated companies we have ever seen. They have been the center of many debates and discussions throughout the past years. Their top seller RoundUp, as you are likely aware of, contains Glyphosate and is linked with cancer, autism, and other illnesses. If Monsanto and Bayer do actually join forces this company would be controlling almost a third of the whole world’s seed market as well as around one fourth of the whole world’s pesticide market.

If you take Monsanto’s debt into account then Bayer is going to be spending at least $66 billion dollars total to buy Monsanto. Bayer and Monsanto have been known to team up in the past, they worked hand in hand during the development of Agent Orange back in the time of the Vietnam War. Both of these companies have dark pasts, if you look at their history your mind will be blown. Bayer is going to be spending at least $66 billion dollars total to buy Monsanto.

These two companies claim that the deal will help people, but in all reality, they are only helping themselves. We are at this time unsure if the Bayer takeover will improve Monsanto’s public relations issue or make it worse. Farmers’ choice in seed purchasing is going to become even more limited as the people in control of these companies are becoming more and more powerful.

The anti-trust laws we have in place are going to thankfully get this merger analyzed before it will actually be able to happen. With some luck it won’t happen, who knows? A merger like this threatens the food supply of the whole world with GMOs and carcinogens. It appears Monsanto thinks by changing its name it can trick us, but it cannot.

This merger is going to lead to unfair higher prices for farmers across the globe. Crackdowns have busted other mergers this year, let’s hope they stop this one as well. For more information on Monsanto, Bayer, their pasts, and this evil merger please watch the video below.

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